Sunday, August 20, 2006

Crab Legs and the Antichrist

Because, sometimes, you get the feeling that you're not living in the same world as the everybody else, I offer you the concurrent events in my house RIGHT NOW.

2 kids in the spa tub in the master bathroom imitating whales, 1 teevee iterating all the news that's fit to yawp about the facts on the Baby Jeebus's nemesis the anti-christ, and snow crab legs steaming in a big pot on the stove.

It's like nothing joins up around the edges in my house!

The quiet tub action calls for Lawrence Welk and blankets that smell like lemon balm and naphtha, the teevee calls for a blood ritual or at least a good piercing, and the stove calls for a cool afternoon by the shore in Maine waiting for the boil to be done so that sandy blanket shroud can be pulled from the tomb that holds the lobster and potato(es) and cherrystone clams that will be eaten by a bonfire and toasted with Narragenssett Pale Ale....

Y'all, I have not one clue about how to sew up all those disparate pieces into one whole cloth.

And really, I don't care.

Neatness is overrated.


Rick said...

Might be easier if you turned off the teebee. Or at least change the channel. Ya got lemons and blankets workin' for ya on the other two.

Hyperion said...

Baby Jebus's nemesis isn't the anti-Christ, but Auntie Christ

rennratt said...

Yep. At least turn A&E off. Or turn it to the Travel channel.

You know, unless the Antichrist has his own show there, too.

Deb R said...

Did anyone claim to have an image of the Antichrist in chocolate or on a grilled cheese sandwich or anything?

tiff said...

rick - but, it's the ANTICHRIST! You can't turn that shizz off.

Hype - is that Tobias' aunt, or yours?

Renn - Travel Channel? Y'all must have the GOLD tier teevee package. We'uns ain't got that fancy stuff as yet.

Deb R - I didn't think to ask my husband when he was done watching. Darned good question.