Saturday, July 29, 2006

They come home tomorrow!

After a week at the beach with Dad, all three of my guys come home tomorrow.

I sure have missed them.

But the quiet was nice.

I'll miss that once they're back.

I guess there's no pleasing me, is there?


rennratt said...

Wow, they are tall!

Tracy Lynn said...

One of those damned if they're there and damned if they're gone situations.

Did I mention that my mom laughs hysterically if anyone asks her if she had Empty Nest Syndrome?

tiff said...

renn - I beleive the vital stats are that at 9 and almost 11, they're both aout 5'3". The younger one (in the red shorts) is slated to be about 6'8" at full growth, the older about 6'5".

Yes, we're worried about how we'll pay for groceries.

TL - that's exactly it. FUnny about your Mom; I think I'll be the same way. I lub me the quietness.

Kingfisher said...

I was gonna say that hopefully, they had burned off some testosterone, but judging by the ages of the boys, that ain't gonna happen for 12 years or so.

Dad's probably exhausted.

"Hi, Honey! *kisskiss* I'm off to the bar! See you in October!"

tiff said...

KF - you are so right...on all counts.

Wordnerd said...

Darn good lookin' boys ya got there, Tiff!

tiff said...

WN - thanks! they're keepers.