Friday, July 14, 2006


Because, I'm sure, from time to time, we all enjoy a quickie, don't we? No fuss, no muss, just get the job done and move on to other things.

Well, here we go, the first NAY quickie. We'll see how it goes.

First - a LOL kind of post from a lovely lovely man who no doubt will one day want to marry me, because with his criteria I am the hottest grrrrl on the planet. Thanks Dusty!!

Second - a similar kind of post, but a different kind of take on matters. A joint effort of sorts, and worth your time.

Third - how dumb ARE some people?

Fourth - what we will all be wearing next summer. God help us all.

Fifthly - I am proud to announce that I am now a member of The Monkey Barn. Oh yes, my influence spreads far and wide, and sometimes results in an invitation to join a group of people who proudly call themselves morons (I'm hoping that's not just a joke to get me calling myself one, but hey, whatever, sometimes I am), which suits me to a "t" and makes me happy, because they do stuff like write group stories and post odd things and actually answer e-mail, which is cool and also maybe hott. Plus which, check out the photo of Kapgar and me....which makes me think that if only my chestal area were CLOSE to being that awesome I would not mind if Dusty found me not hot.

There you go - a quickie from Tiff - and all, might I add, thematically aligned so that you may be feeling a little bit warmer now. Or, you may be scratching your head in consternation. Either way, it's all good when it's a quickie!!!!


PS - I thought about polishing up the old saw of the fractured news headlines, but the wit, she is not cutting it today, and seems to have left me bereft or anything snarky to say.

I blame it on my new mermaid tail. Because honestly, who can be silly when you're half-fish, half amazon princess, and apparently have a smoking hot merman to dance with? I have to concentrate so hard on things like "how do I pee with this daggone TAIL?" and "where am I gonna find clamshells that will cover THIS rack?" that I simply don't have TIME right now to joke about the stuff going on in the world...

Because some of it? Not so funny.


Chelle said...

You still making me laugh. Thanks for the boost of self confidence with the first two links. And we be pretty dumb.

tiff said...

mmm3 - you're welcome, and I think you're rite. :>

Beth said...

Tiff, I'm having major problems with sitemeter. I go to the site and it registers my site has having no visitors, but that's impossible because people are leaving messages. Any idea why it's not working for me?

tiff said...

DId you add the HTML to your webpage?

rennratt said...

So, next summer we'll be wearing pasties and maxi pads? MMM. I can't wait.

tiff said...

renn - the big post-partum kind too. Comfy!

Beth said...

Tiff, no, was I supposed to? I didn't know how to do it. OMG, I am so stupid with this stuff. Thanks for this help.

tiff said...

hey beth - yes, you have to copy and paste the supplied html code to your blog template. Sitemeter should tell you how. If not, e-mail me at and we'll get you through it.