Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Matters Carnivalistic (and not) - UPDATED

Y'all, I'm back from vacation.

You may begin breathing again.

Say, if you've bounced merrily over here from the Carnival of the Mundane blog site, trying to get some small notion of how to submit your wonderful posts that transcribe everyday occurrences with great enthusiasm and a dollop of affection, please send a link to your posts to:

I would dearly love to have a sample of your work/ play/ musings/ ramblings/ cogitations to work into a carnival post that is to be so very cleverly titled as to not really need its own post at all; the title alone can stand on its own merit and be the source of mental amusement for hours and hours and hours. However, the regrettable fact is that CONTENT is king on the interweb, so content must be provided. This is where YOU come in.

If you don't have a blog but read this one, please conisder starting one and sending me a link to your initial efforts at blogging. If you DO have a blog but have not participated in a carnival before, well NOW'S YOUR CHANCE, baby! Grab that brass ring, go for the gold, shout a bellowing "I am HERE" from the rooftops and let your VOICE be HEARD!!!

I will use you to your very best advantage, this much I can promise you.

If you do NOT send me a post to work into the Carnival, and I know you've read this by checking the details on my sitemeter, I shall go get one of your entries myself without your knowledge, and it will probably be the one in which you use a lot of swear words or talk about your penis or vagina (or perhaps in which your penis or vagina talks to you). Oh yes, I will!

(Can I do that?)

So, yeah, this is a down-on-my-knees BEGGING session for y'all to send me something, send me ANYTHING, to put into the Carnival so that I can show the entire INTERNET what you can do with a tight timeline, a dream, and your Dad's barn.

Here's the update part - y'all, if you're here, and submit a link to me for the carnival, I thank you most sincerely. If you're here, and submitted a post through another means than DIRECTLY e-mailing me (like, say, if you rely on throwing a random post up onto a submissions server that sends your stuff to multiple carnivals or whatnot), PLEASE re-send you post to me at my e-mail AFTER reading the rules for submission on the carnival of the mundane website.Remember, the carnival is about MUNDANE stuff, and you must E-MAIL me a link to your post, and I get to decide if it's MUNDANE enough to go in, and I get to pick from multiple submissions from the same author, and I basically am all-powerful and stuff.

THIS is why I was interested in hosting, quite frankly. I'm power-hungry. And like to play by the rules.


I got sunburned on vacation. This is WITH using SPF 30. I shudder to think what degree of burnitude I might have experienced if I'd not used anything at all.

Plus, the frecklage! Oy!

The only skin that remains the lovely frog-belly hue nature intended is where the sun di'int shine. The remainder is a pastiche (second definition, please) of red and freckle colorful enough to satisfy the most rabid pointillist.


Oh, and a word to the wise (which, coincidentally, mixing beers and liquor, then going out on a boat to watch fireworks and getting home at 11 p.m. only to have a nightcap and another beer before falling asleep at midnight?

SO not a good idea.

Especially when the first half of the trip home involves traversing wind-ey turn-ey skinny mountain roads.



Mmm-kay, I'm outta here for now. Go back and read the first part of this entry, and know that I hold you and your blogs in the very highest regard and wish to USE YOU for furthering my aim of completely dominating the internets.

But only in the nicest way possible.


Chelle said...

Ah.. Freckles - I get them whenever I burn. They're usually greenish brown too. Ugh... Pour on the coco butter!

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Hope the vacation was a good one, freckles and all. I'm working on my carnival submission for this week (read: going thru old posts to find something post-worthy). Why hasn't the Carnival site sent out the usual casting call?cfp

kapgar said...

I feel as though you're targetting Neil with this one... "(or perhaps in which your penis or vagina talks to you)"

Gee, can't figure out why.

tiff said...

mmm3 - "angel's kisses," that's what my mom called them. I didn't believe back then, and I don't now...

WN - It's there now. A whole 2 DAYS before the post is to be written!

Kapgar - Neil needs to join the crowd of cool kids out here in the deep end of the, he's a big shot of some kind, right?

Hyperion said...

Give 'em hell, baby!

tiff said...

hyp - I even took stuff OUT. Yipes!