Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I wish I hadn't looked

There are times when having a Sitemeter is great. I can peek around and see who's coming here (all 10 of you - thanks!), figure out where you're from, ascertain how often people come around, take a gander at who's new in town, all that kind of stuff.

Fun, right? Helps to create a sense of community, right? It's all good, right?

Sure, it's great!

Except for the occasional "ew" factor that creeps in.

And "creep" is the operative term here.

All of us who put a part of ourselves on the interwebs have them; we all get the creeps. We get them from the people who use search phrases like "10 year-old little teases," or "soiled panties," and who leave very quickly after finding that a site, in fact, does not contain content to their liking.

Creep, creep, creep.


Y'all know I try to keep this blog reasonably clean. I don't use a lot of cuss words, I don't discuss too much in the way of smut or sex or odd habits, nor do I delve with any regularity into the seamier side of life or strange things in which I might happen to be interested (OK, I will admit to a certain fascination with conjoined twins, but I don't GO INTO IT). Yes, fine, I do mention boobs and tell about dreams in which I imagine myself to be a young asian girl on occasion, but that's just to keep your attention....is it working, by the way???

Back to the point - which is, the thought of someone out there purposely looking for 10 year old little teases or content deailng with soiled panties squicks me out. Mightily so.

Perhaps I am too white bread in my take on the world. Perhaps I am naïve , isolated, childlike, ignorant, or so obtuse as to not realize that LOTS of people are interested in these things, but I hope it's not just me. I hope a lot of y'all are also struck by the "ew" factor of these kinds of searches.

As an FYI - I think the soiled panties one is more understandable and a touch more palatable than the other search phrase. Putting children in any kind of sexual light is more than distasteful, it's a perversion and so wrong in my book of life that it's not even mentioned in the footnotes. I can't even rail about it, because then I get to thinking about it, and I start to hate the people who are interested in it and want to find a large knife to strap to my back and some chain mail clothing so that I can hunt them down and subject them a world of hurt the likes of which they've not ever experienced. Pedophilia, to be quite frank about it, makes me sick.

So, sometimes? I wish I didn't look so carefully at the sitemeter particulars. I'm happier not knowing some things.

An aside - I'm NOT aginst folks getting their groove on sensually, as long as it's consensually. Go ahead, get out the ropes and paddles and nipple clamps, dress up like a pony or a nurse, pour chocolate syrup or hot oil on one another, get something amputated or pierced or whatever, as long as you BOTH (or, perhaps ALL of you) agree that it's all in good fun. What I cannot abide is the objectification of, or surreptitious and perhaps illegal securing of, materials or experiences in which one of the parties does not agree to the activity or could be hurt by it, either physically, emotionally, or developmentally.


And, hey, all the rest of y'all, please keep coming back. I'm usually not so serious, and I occasionally talk about boobs.


kapgar said...

Wanna have some fun with search engine results? Try something like this.

Your results will never be the same. ;-)

tiff said...

Kapgar - I did a post a while ago that contained strings of lewd words, and it was a total dud. NONBODY searched for my attempts at kink... Yeesh.

Hyperion said...

I totally agree with your "Down With Pedophillia" (way to go out on a limb), but you're still total Whitebread.

In fact, that should be your new nickname

Doug said...

Hey There TIFF,
I tried baiting the search engines a few times. All it ever got me was dissapointed perverts and search engine results that would not make my mother very proud.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you -- I can't even GO there. On any level. It scares me to death how many perverts are out there.


tiff said...

hyp- I've got to stand for something in this world!! Call me whatever you want, you're going to anyhow.

doug - oh no, you di'int. ew.

WN - me too.

Chelle said...

Total agreement. Any thing that harms children weirds me out that I can't think about it.

Deb R said...

Sometimes the search phrases on my stats make me feel like I need to wash my eyeballs in bleach. And I don't talk about that stuff...why are they finding ME? Sheesh!

Tracy Lynn said...

I was over at Jack's Raging Mommy and she had been getting some disturbing hits, so she went and turned them in to the local FBI office.

I don't seem to get hits like that, but if I did I like to think I'd do the same.

rennratt said...

I added sitemeter to my blog about 2-3 weeks ago. SOMEONE around here has an odd fascination with lunch meat. Particularly PIMENTO LOAF.

...and the blogs they search from - only in SPANISH.

What the?

tiff said...
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tiff said...

mm3 - I have been known to break down in tears over stories of child abuse, etc. Andrea Yates obsessed me for days....and I seriously hope she rots in you-know-where for what she did to her children.

DebR - I know how you feel, I really really do. I guess they find us through some twist of a string of words we may have used - the search is not sentinent and only spits out what it finds. I hope.

Tracey Lynn - the mommy bloggers (so to speak) have a big issue, I'm sure, because their blogs are ABOUT kids, and are therefore targets right off the bat. I read a blog in which there were actual THREATS against a little girl because some people don't like her Dad. That's sick.

Renn - did you not know that you are the Queen of lunch meat? I'm surprised nobody told you.

Beth said...

Tiff, what's this place you're using to find all this stuff out? Where is SiteMeter? Man, that makes me sick. I see so much about these disgusting perverts going online searching for children. I saw on TV how fathers go online to father/daughter chatrooms so they can swap their young daughters. What's wrong with people? Years ago, this would have been weeded out, but not anymore. Now the sick f*cks are taking over and I hate it.

Erica said...

Just putting in my 2 cents to say Amen.

3carnations said...

The sad part is, with just that post alone...I can't imagine how many freakish hits there will be on your site.

The ONLY time my site was ever found via a search was by searching for an illness my dog had. I wasn't freaked out, I was sad because the post it referred the person to was the post where I shared that my dog had passed away. Sad for me, because I miss her always, and sad for that person, because they were probably hoping to find something more hopeful.

tiff said...

Beth - go to sitemeter.com and the instructions there will tell you how to put one on your site. It's free!

Erica - I KNOW you know what I mean.

3carnations - I get a lot of hits for other stuff too, like you've experienced, but you raise agood point that I might have more freaky ones now. Bleah. Sorry about your dog....

Neil said...

I don't even read my "searches" anymore because I'd rather be blind to people's weird depravity.

tiff said...

neil - I can't blame you!