Thursday, June 29, 2006

Too much of a good thing

Sometimes, coming up with a post title is the hardest damned thing. Sometimes I just put up some words and see where they take me.
Today, for example!
See, I don't pre-prepare my posts. By and large they just come on out in a stream of consciousness that can take odd twists and turns on the way to cohesiveness. Sometimes, the cohesiveness is elusive, almost indiscernable amidst the convolutions. This is when I start using big words, like "indiscernable," and hope to God I spell them correctly.
Still, there is, usually, a common thread amongst all my "one-piece" posts, a pin on which to hang the whole thing, one kernel of an idea that got me going, that will, ultimately, hold the whole post together.
Today's kernel is this: I think, maybe, that this once-a-day posting is too much of a good thing.
Writing something, anything, every day is becoming an addiction. I keep thinking that I'll just get over the infatuation/need one of these days and will then start posting when I have something REAL to say, something important and soul-stirring and germaine to life in general and the universe in particular. This daily posting is an expurgation of all the extraneous stuff I feel I must get out of my head before starting in on real business; it's a chance to express a part of me that is who I really am, to exorcise some of the idiocy that goes on inside my head or to commit to writing some of the dreams and memories clutter up my brain.
But, how WORTHWHILE is it? How useful? And here's a perfect rhetorical question: How do I balance the time I spend doing this with the time I should be spending doing productive stuff and putting my nose to the grindstone and forging ahead with the business of the day/week/month/life? Is this writing a thing of form and function, or is it merely breathless blathering about nothing in particular to a faceless audience of a faithful few?
So, here's the question, mostly from me to me, who cannot overcome the addiction of daily dumps of brain-goo into the blog-o-sphere: How much is too much?
Fabulous, now that the angst portion of this post is out of the way, I can move on to better things.
Things like saying that I'll be on vacation part of next week, and WON'T be posting every day. I probably won't be posting at ALL until I get back. Maybe not until Thursday. Almost a whole week.
Yowza!! How's THAT for a turnaround? Like how I did that? Get all anxious and Dickinsonian first, and then BAM! turn it around the next second and pull the rug right out from under ya with a "presto" moment of abandonment?
Is it any wonder I'm the perfect Gemini?
Other things about me that don't make sense in a Gemini-y way - I keep a very neat kitchen but can't self-motivate at work. I get the oil changed in my car every 3000 miles but haven't replaced the windshield that got cracked, badly, in December. I get paid to write but haven't committed word to file in days, with a headline looming large tomorrow. I love to talk, yet hate the telephone.
So, the second question of the day, and this one not at all rhetorical:
Y'all got any personal inconsistencies you'd like to share? I'd hate to think I'm the only one bellowing into the wind out here.


Deb R said...

I share one of your inconsistencies - I love to talk, but hate the phone.

Also I love to be around water (ocean, rivers, waterfalls) but I don't know how to swim because putting my face under totally freaks me out.

I'm something of a slob, but a very organized one - I know exactly what is in each teetering pile or overstuffed drawer. (I'm actually trying to get better about the slob part of things...trying to pare down my Stuff.)

tiff said...

Looking at pictures of your studio, I'd NEVER know you thought you were a slob!!!

WordsRock said...

Speaking of stupid cat pictures, have you ever visited Stuff On My Cat?

Anonymous said...

Me? Inconsistencies? Nah!!!!!!!!!

Love the new look -- I've been away from the blogosphere for a couple days and missed the big change. Looks fantastic!

Oh -- enjoy the break from writing. I feel so much better since I took the pressure off myself to write every day.

rennratt said...

I love to talk; hate the phone. In fact, I spend approx. 6.5 hours daily on the phone at work - and rarely answer the phone when I get home. My family thinks that I am missing.

My office is incredibly organized - complete with a to-do list. My kitchen table disappeared MONTHS ago.

Regarding the daily write - I wish I had the initiative to do it! I am lucky to throw 6-7 posts out per month! Enjoy your break, and have a safe trip!

WenWhit said...

I think daily blogging is fantastic. Not that I do it, mind you. But it's fantastic that YOU do. Or did. Enjoy your vac. :)

tiff said...

Ms Rock - oh yes, and I cannot believe someone is paying for bandwidth for that! :>

WN - Thanks for hte kind words about hte new colors - I didn't cotton much to the Xmas color scheme I had for a while. :>

Yes - the kids are in year round school, to answer you other question..

Renn - this is why you're so INTERESTING! :> Oh, and e-mail me - I have a colleague who knows something about where you'd like to live.

Wen - I intend to, very much.

Gracias, y'all!!

Erica said...

Keep up the stream of consciousness. I too worry that I'm talking about nothing in particular, but you know - if people don't want to read it, they can move on and check in again later. Do what you want! Which, of course, you obviously are. I salute your random!!!

tiff said...

erica! Hey there! Boy howdy, if I did what I wanted to , there might be talk on the internets. Best to keep it merely random for now, I guess. :>

Caryn said...

I have the same thoughts about my own blog. I feel like I should post frequently for my readership, but when I'm posting I think of all the other stuff I should be doing instead. It's such a pain! I'm a Gemini, too. Hmmm. Maybe that's why.

tiff said...

Caryn - the best we can do is to forge ahead, jotting down whatever we think is worthy, I guess. Or something.