Sunday, June 25, 2006

Overheard on 401

(Actors - Thing 1 (10 y.o. boy) and Thing 2 (9 y.o. boy). Setting - the back seat of the the Optima. Time - this afternoon. Place - somewhere on 401 heading toward "The Mall. " Props - 2 Transformers, one for each actor...)


Thing 1 - "Ah, ha ha, I have you in my robot clutches. You cannot escape me, I am all powerful."

Thing 2 - "No! Nevah! I have PLAN!"

(aside to Thing 1: "I'm gonna make a call OK?" "OK" says Thing 1)

Thing 2 - "You shall nevah capcha mee, you eviiildo-ah! I have the BIG BOOK OF MINIONS and I shall CALL them to assist me!"

Thing 1 - "Ohhh no! Not that!"


May I tell you right now that the "Big Book of Minions" got me laughing so hysterically that I had church giggles for an hour and a half afterward?

Yes yes, yes...the possibilities!

Aardvark girl, Astrolad, Bugle Boy, Corporal Cretin, they're ALL there in the Big Book of Minions!!!!! Pick a page, pick a line, pick a minion...who ya gonna CALL??

Sweet hoppin' Jeebus, y'all, I'm laughing again.

Gotta go, y'all. Gotta go.



Chelle said...

Book of Minions.... that's funny.

Anonymous said...

I want. A.Big. Book. Of. Minions. NOW.

tiff said...

Me too. That's ONE book they haven't delivered to the new house!

Harmonica Man said...

I checked the Amazon AND the library. They only printed one copy and apparently your kids have it!

keda said...

superb!! though 'church giggles' got me going just as much. heeheehee :)

tiff said...

Harmman - Plus, I'm pretty sure it's invisible, becuase I've look all OVER and can't find it.

keda - how cool is it that you understand "church giggles"? Pretty cool.