Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Time for nothing


This has got to stop!

I'm on a first-name basis with the IT man. OK - he IS nice, and he's got very cool dreadlocks and a charming manner, but I shouldn't really be on a first-name basis with him, should I?



Also, we bought a house today. I think. At least the sellers took our offer.

Now there's the little thing of the finances and inspections to get through.

But whoa, Nelly! If we get it we can say goodbye to the high-schoolers and their noisy cars and curse-word conversations and migrating garbage! We can say goodbye to the streetlights that turn a dark night an abnormal amber hue. We can say goodbye to renting, and linoleum floors that don't QUITE make it all the way under the baseboards and toilets that can't handle the output of a couple of growing boys (do.not.ask) and worn carpets and no place for the dogs to run.

We CAN say "hello" to the front porch and back deck and 7.6 acres and country and trees and new appliances and a jacuzzi tub and a 2-car garage! Say hello to peace and quiet and dark nights and a place to stretch out and start dreaming all over again of the future. Say hello to each child getting his own room for the first time ever, and to having room left over for an office. Say hello to a garden and pond (once we put it in) and gettin' a little dirty pickin' weeds and veggies and flowers and teachin' the kids to tell one from the other.

They say it's hard to say goodbye, but I'm thinking this won't be so very tough. I'm already decorating the bedrooms in my head.


Is it me, or is this headline a little confusing? "Why would he pick HER?" was my first thought.

Clearly, I need to keep a little closer watch on the current events.


Anonymous said...

See there? See? What'd I tell you about those Hollywood weirdos getting all up in politics? See?

What? Oh. Sorry. Never mind.

Congrats on the house -- sounds awesome. We want pics!

rennratt said...

Is this the second-hand dream house? Off 98? (If yes, I am guessing you can get broadband/cable internet there...)


Chelle said...

You should always be friendly with your IT people. They can do wierd and wonderful stuff with your computer. :)

Very cool about the house. Congratulations!!!

tiff said...

WN - pics for sure - I'll be snapping away with my wee digicamera on the walk-through, you can be sure.

Renn - you got it spot on. But, no cable. DSL, but no cable. Yes...we'll be one of those families with a dish on the house.

MMM3 - the dude was doing stuff to my 'puter from a remote site and I couldn't follow it. I gave up trying to figure it out, accepting that if it worked at the end of all the fiddling around I would be very happy indeed. And I am!

Neil said...

First you talk about the IT guy and THEN you talk about buying a house???

tiff said...

Neil - My brain is a miracle of tangential thought! If I can put 2 of 'em together it's a very good day indeed.

oldfriend said...

Yes, you should be nice to the IT folks and reward them with chocolate and learn not only their name, but their kid's and pet names. Especially if they are charming AND have dreadlocks.

Congrats on the house - I see road trip in my future!

Still no dang checky word thingy!

tiff said...

oldfriend -

I turned off the word checky thingy - it was bothering me....

Shoot, darlin' - you KNOW you're invited to Casa Teef ANY old time!