Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Vast understatement alert - with peepy goodness AND a late-breaking Trendy link

First, let me get this out of the way so I can launch into a brief "what the heck" moment from this morning.

I am in no way a style maven.

Fashion means little to me. My MIL does my best shopping. I live in LL Bean or Land's End. I accesorize sparingly. I do not have an up-to-date haircut; as a matter of fact, I leave the house with my hair wet most mornings and let it do what it will. I do not own high heels, or shoes that have pointy toes or flowers on them. There are no pants in my closet that do not reach my waist. I am hopeless.


I do know that there are these things called "trends," and that fashion plays a large part in some people's lives. I have seen the low-rise jeans and the crop shirts (often accompanied by the muffin-top), I know that "tight" is the new black and that high heels and jeans still (inexplicably) is still an acceptale look.

I accept that these are things that have passed me by, but do not poo-poo other people's right to wear them.

Which is why I was so excited to see who I think was Bobby Trendy walk into my building this morning!

Yes! THAT Bobby! Don't know him? He's the guy (a term used very loosely, as I suspect he'd want me to) who decorated for Anna Nicole when she was on the teevee and all big and bloated and Xanax-ed out and she thought his stuff was "luxe"! The queen of fabulous, the reincarnation of Liberace, Bobby Trendy!

He drove up in a big ol' American land yacht of some sort, a lovely champagne color. The wheels were shiny and the hubcaps were chrome-y, and when he opened the door and stepped out the fabulous quotient of this part of the state increased exactly one log-fold. Spiky black hair, crisp while shirt, cream-colored lined linen jacket with the collar AND lapel popped, sharply pressed cuffed navy trousers and wickedly shiny black loafers (just a tiny heel) bedecked his trim Asian had to be him!

The way he moved with military presicion to pop open the trunk of the aformentioned land yacht to retrieve his brieface, the authoritative way he pressed the trunk closed, the brisk flick of the wrist as he remotely locked the car (with a "click" of the lock and a honk of the horn that signaled the 100% completion of the task), the whole package was Bobby!

The clincher? The briefcase was leather, finely tooled, and a brilliant lime green.

Fabulous? You KNOW it!

I just wonder what he's doing HERE. Will our offices be bedazzled tomorrow? Will the "approved work attire" now include the donning of feather boas? Will glitter eyeshadow be acceptable for both men AND women? Will we all have lovely cushy couches with contrasting leopard-print throw pillows to recline on while taking our telecons?

One can only hope.....


Note from the author - I LOVE Bobby Trendy. I think he's awesome in a completely over-the-top way, and in small doses. If the guy I saw this morning WASN'T him, then I salute whoever it was who totally made my morning.


Now for the peepy goodness promised in the title.

Directly ripped off from Mr Sun's website, it's make your own Peeps!

I have but one question - why? Why, when you can BUY them for a buck a dozen at the CVS and eat them on the way home, because everyone KNOWS as soon as they touch the air they start to go stale?

But hey - if your inner Martha calls you to do these things, now at least you know how. In truth, I have no room to scoff, just this weekend I made soap from old cooking grease......

I did. And it worked. And was very cool. I got to play with lye. Good times.


3carnations said...

If you didn't know already...I'm uncool. I have never heard of Bobby Trendy and have no idea what you are talking about...Oh well. =)

tiff said...

He's a "style maven"! :> Mostly known for being beyond flambouyant (sp?). Got his start of some deisgn show or another, and branchedo out to the D list since then.

tiff said...

My typing = atrocious today.

Anonymous said...

Glad 3Carn said it first -- I don't know this Bobby. Sigh. I'm a total loser, but at least I'm not alone.

tiff said...

WN - You're not at any real loss. I'm just the big ol' dork for even having the first clue, really. :>

kenju said...

Sorry, I never heard of Bobby Trendy either - but I know the guys I work with would LOVE him!

rennratt said...

Mmm. Is the lye soap for you or your laundry?

I must one up the others regarding this 'Bobby Trendy'. I thought he was your coworker!

THIS- ptifekti - was my blogger code. I'm not sure, but I'm thinking it's profane!

tiff said...

kenju - too funny!!! :>
ren - lye soap = for my curiosity, really. Not that it needs to be cleaned, but that it needed to be exercized with a challenge.

Also - I think blogger is going too far with this word verification thing. I have to squint and look sideways sometimes to figure out what FONT they're trying to get me to us, and to see if I can tell an i from a j or a v from a u (and why isn't it "an u"?).

hovatter62 said...

Okay - I am joining the clueless crowd about Bobby Trendy - I guess you have to actually watch "teevee" to even get a clue, sigh!

Peeps? Yuck! We have a friend who loves them, but only when stale! I once bought a box of Christmas Peeps when the store put them on display (at Halloween, of course) and promptly punched a hole in the plastic to hasten their "staling". When I gave them to him at Christmas, they were still soft and pliable - who knows how many preservatives lurk in there?

3carnations said...

Imagine my relief when I realized no one else knows who this Bobby Trendy is besides you - WE'RE not the strange ones here!

Just kidding - Thanks for enlightening us. This could come in handy on Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit...

WordsRock said...

Oh I've heard of Bobby Trendy. He kinda gives me the creeps.

And peeps... I will never understand how they get away with calling them "food" of any sort. Blech!


tiff said...

Hey y'all.

I'm wondering - is there some reason I decided to combine Bobby Trendy and chickens made out of marchmallow fluff?

Thanks for all the comments - this is way fun.

oldfriend said...

Yikes. I definitely watch too much teevee. I DO know who BT is, and remember fondly Anna Nicole's pink faux-fur headboard... or was the headboard pink satin and the pillows pink FF?

Forget 'Survivor', I watch the true reality shows. :)

I like to think the blogger ver word is my personal license plate challenge. You know, when you see 'dxncg' on a plate, what are they really trying to tell you? Can't come up with a PC version of what this one tells me.