Monday, March 06, 2006

Rumble rumble toil and ...novels?

Shoot, y'all, it's just one of those days. Feeling just a little south of 50% today, so stayed home from work to get above the nominal functioning energy level by doing a little Tiff-pampering. Something just is NOT agreeing with me, and I'll spare you the details of why I know this.

So, yeah - I stayed home, and after clearing out a bit of online training for work (hero move, when I could have been napping), I settled myself in for a few minutes of light reading and THEN the nap.

Which, 3 hours later, didn't happen at all, because the book I picked up by happenstance yesterday afternoon at the local ice-cream parlor/social gathering spot/landmark completely captivated me, and I just HAD to finish it in one go.

What, you don't have an ice cream parlor that doubles as a place for budding authors to hold book signings? Don't feel bad, I didn't know until yesterday that our town had one either! However, it does, and I met the author and had a very nice chat with him bought his book and he signed it and I learned which house he lives in and where his daughter goes to school and that he's a psychiatrist (at which point I made sure to modulate my voice, not laugh too loudly or make weird noises, and ramp up the supposed attention I was paying to the 3 young boys I had escorted there and for whom I had just purchased some very tasty-looking ice cream) and that this is his FIRST novel and that's it's been in the works for 25 years and that it's one of those self-published deals (which put me off a bit on the buying, but he's local and so, whatever on the 12 dollars I spent).

Serendipity was biting on the ass yesterday, y'all! I mean, ice cream at 4 in the afternoon usually means a wicked sugar rush and no desire for dinner, but I got CULTURE too! Awesome bonus points for Ms. Dipity.

Plus, the book was good, and hit the spot for a gray mid-day "nap."

(The book is called "Family Lost and Found" by Drew Bridges. At 112 pages, it's eaily digestible and an enjoyable read.)

Also, I finally finished "Frankenstein," which maybe you've heard of. Also a good book.

With that, I leave you for today. I have to go get that nap now.

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WordsRock said...

Culture followed by a nap is an awesome combination.

Hope you kick whatever it is keeping you home reading instead of going to work. I wish you days of staying at home reading feeling great instead. ;)