Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The morning post - tantivity tantivity!

The post is EARLY today!

Why, you ask? What on earth has prompted this time-shift, this stunning departure from the norm?

It is simply this - I feel the need to actually WORK today, and if I do the post early then I'm all out of time-wasters and the rest of the day can be spent productively.

Really, this is how I think. Even with the WHOLE internet out there and all the wonderful things contained therein with which I could spend my entire DAY, I truly and honestly believe that once the daily post is done I must begin my actual-factual work.

Which, of course, leads you clever readers into a quick calculation of how many hours I NORMALLY waste in a day because I don't usually get around to posting until lunchtime (EST).

Ok - You can stop it. Right now. Enough with the calculating, already!

See, there's this big ol' project I'm supposed to be working on, and I haven't really been working on it because I've been trying to figure out how, dear God, HOW, am I supposed to use the equipment a client wants me to use that doesn't seem to realize I even EXIST, and the one time it did "see" me it forgot me 2 hours later, for the love a' Mike! It stubbornly refused to grant me access to the soft and fleshy goodness of its operating system and the miraculous seeecrets held therein, and I have now decided to give.up.entirely.

I must WORK, daggone it, and stop trying to make this bit of technology bend to my whims and desires and muttered curses.

It has won, I have not. Ergo, I must, like an adult, admit defeat, and go to plan "B," which is to use the technology afforded me by my OWN company to do the project and take a more circuitous route to communication with the other team members who were supposed to be at the tips of my virtual fingers if I could only have used the OTHER black box on my desk.

Grrr, and grrrr some more.

It's become apparent that I must stop the gnawing at this particular bone and place it aside, to begin anew with purpose and a keen awareness of the ticking of the clock toward the rapidly approaching END OF MY TIMELINE!

So, the early post.

Which is, really, about nothing except how I waste too much time doing things that are not on the path to productivity. And, because they are not, are very often a good deal of fun.

Like this.

If you do happen to click on that link and get sucked into the mind-numbing vortex of challenge that lies therein, please tell me to what level of genius-y smarty-pantsedness you got, because I'm totally lame at this diversion and ready to be dazzled by your brilliance.

That is all.

Must. Work. Now.


mr. schprock said...

Wow! What an inspirational post! It almost makes me want to . . . nap a little less.

tiff said...

That's the spirit, sir!

Anonymous said...

Well. Given MY post today, it appears we are on the same page. You, however, have come to grips with the problem and have made a mature decision to do the right thing. You'll notice I'm still commenting, which means I'm still reading my internets...

Kim said...

And I'm still reading the internets, too, which is pretty lame, because I'm assigned to work on the same tortuous project as our little Tiffster. She makes me feel such shame. I must go now and....print something....so I'll feel like I've done something productive.

tiff said...

Kim - your time will come when the double barrels of the deadline are staring you in the face and you realize that, come heck or high water, you can't make a day last longer than 2 hours (or thereabouts), and you must jump in with both feet.

That day should have been Friday for me.....

No shame involved when you realize that little point!