Friday, March 03, 2006

In which I flog many an idiom and craft many a link

All day yesteray I tried to log into Blogger, but to no avail. I'd get the intro screen, and when I tried to input screen name and password I would be rebuffed like a fat chick at a disco. The blank stare of the "in process" screen and the stalled blue "loading" bar (the blogger equivalent of the BSOD) were ugly ha-has in my path to bloggification.

I was all at
sixes and sevens, let me tell you.

insult upon injury, rubbing salt in the wound, making a mountain out of a molehill, and generally further increasing my anxiety over this turn of events, Blogger wouldn't even let me leave comments on OTHER people's blog-spot-powered blogs. This, I do declare, just about buttered my biscuit, if I may put it that way.

But now, I see, that all's right with the world once again.

News at noon.


Wordnerd said...

That's because Blogger was afraid you'd go link crazy...

rennratt said...

Yay! You linked one of my favorite songs! God save the Queen!

tiff said...

Renratt - I'm so dense I didn't even realize it WAS Queen that did that song until about 5 years ago....just those words coming out of Freddie Mercury's mouth seem so very unlikely!

WN - And so it came to pass. And Tiff saw that it was good, and is considering doing more of this in the future.