Friday, March 31, 2006

afternoon deeelite (a twoferfriday)

A quickie, because it's cool, and SOME PEOPLE I KNOW don't read the comments to find out what nuggets of pure goodness are waiting therein and therefore will NOT be diverted to this most gorgeous diversion, thus I present you the most lush and captiviating pictures of old buildings ever assembled in one spot, kindly referred back to me by Suzanne, to whom I am grateful.


There, Wordnerd - more ways to waste time.


Anonymous said...

THANKS! I think... Actually, what's funny about this link is that I had it a long time ago and forgot to bookmark it and promptly forgot the name. I LOVE this site.

tiff said...

I did the same thing, and Suzanne dug through her old posts until she found it again because she'd done the sme thing! :>

I have it bookmarked now.

Chelle said...

Tiff - I know I'm slow but I am still on the Blueprint game!

Love this site.