Sunday, February 12, 2006

What's for Breakfast?

Our house, just now:

Me: Anybody getting hungry?
8-year-old: Yes!
10-year-old: Sure!
Me: Whaddaya want?
10YO: Can we have waffles?
Me: Sure, I can put them in the TOASTER just as good as ANYBODY, I guess. Want scrambled eigen with that?
10YO: Sure!
8 YO: And haggis!

So, there you go, waffles, scrambled eggs, and, haggis. Think Harris Teeter carries haggis?


In a rather roundabout way, that does indeed have some small thing to do with haggis, I'm sorry to say I've missed an opportunity to take part in this celebration, which seems right up my alley. I appreciate the "after-party" instructions, always a tricky part of any evening. Next year, perhaps.


Jess Riley said...

aaarrghhh, haggis! I have to make an unrelated comment here about your Pork Tornado link: Dusty Scott can make me laugh like no other man...did you read the latest about the infant William Doll? We were just crying from laughing so hard.

tiff said...

Everyone needs to read the pork tornado. You're simply not living unless you do! I did go there today on your recommend, and had to take a break to start breathing again. Mucho fun!

Erica said...

I believe the Harris Teeters in snootier parts of town carry haggis. I knew of one that carried ostrich and kangaroo in the meat case. Special order, but available nonetheless. You should inquire! SURPRISE that third-grader ;-)