Tuesday, February 28, 2006

We have a winner - update

In the smut-tastic nast-o-thon phrase search-o-rama!!!!!

Everybody put your hands together for the most perfect search string ever created:

"my nipples explode for your satisfaction monty python"

Ahem .......

Dear citizen of Rouzerville Pennsylvania, who typed this into your search engine - I salute you. You are a creative genius.

And I think I might be just a little in love with you, but not in a nasty, search-phrase-y way.

Congratulations, you win. Contest over.

(UPDATE - Y'all! I'm so excited! I think Mr Michael Jackson may have visited "noaccentyet," because dig this new search phrase from Dubai, United Arab Emirates! "gameboy for my kids" What a Thriller!! Just thought you should know.)

1 comment:

Erica said...

Poor, poor misguided fool from Rouzerville... it's "My nipples explode with DELIGHT," of course... unless he ... was actually looking for something entirely different that WAS, in fact, exploding nipples for someone ELSE'S satisfaction. Which hasn't made it out to this neck o' the woods from the Left Coast yet. Is all I'm sayin.