Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Remind me to tell you about (#4)

Remind me to tell you about:
  • Bartending at the Holiday Inn next to the Auto Auction
  • Dislocating my knee
  • Walking near the lake in late summer in college
  • Smoking a PCP-laden joint
  • Shooting up mice with cocaine
  • Making out in a practice room
  • Being a jeans model (just the once, but it counts)
  • Breaking the heart of someone who really loved me
  • Being date-raped (just the once, but, you know, it counts)
  • Taking pictures of now torn-down buildings out the grad school office window on a cold winter day
  • Holding my children for the first time
  • Holding my children for the 1000th time
  • Clearing trees from our land on my 30th birthday
  • Reading "Another Roadside Attraction" for the first time
  • Seeing "A Clockwork Orange" for the first (and second and third) time
  • Laying under the stars listing to live classical music near the LI Sound on a chill Autumn night
  • Hiking and getting lost in Vermont
  • Canoeing across a Lake in Upsate NY in a terrible thunderstorm
  • Skiing down an icy black diamond slope at Killington, right at dusk
  • Killing a man with my bare hands

And so many other things.....

I've got a story for all of 'em but one. Which do YOU think it is?


rennratt said...

Hmmm. Hate to say it, but I am guessing either "man killer" or "jeans model"...

tiff said...

You're halfway there....

Anonymous said...

Hoping it's either "man killer" or date rape...

tiff said...

Wordnerd - you're half right too.

Y'all are such FINE guessers!

Erica said...

I would love to hear about the first time you held your children. Something you never forget! As for the fake story, I'm going with the black-diamond skiing. Just to be different.

tiff said...

Oh, Sorry Erica, but you LOSE. :> In point of fact, I have never sucessfully killed a man with my bare hands. All other things are ture and have happened, even the highly improbable "jeans model" thing.
However mas a consolation prize I will try to whip up someting about the boys' births and "meeting them" for the first time, before I might indeed forget.