Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Light and Dark

Oh, I am SO looking forward to the results of these 2 "games." Click on the link, pick a few words that describe me, and submit your assessment.

Cynical evil version

Happy shiny version

Totally and completely stolen from the Suburban Lesbian (

I will report back on the results when I'm recovered from the horrendous impact they'll no doubt have on my life.


In breaking news, I have found the world's best McDonald's. I love their warm flaky biscuits (which are too big to fit in my mouth! I know! Miracles happen every day!) and their soft fluffy scrambled eggs that are lovingly folded to a perfectly-proportioned rectangle of golden proteinacious goodness, and the symmetrically gorgeous way the steamy round of sausage and melted square of cheesefoodproduct are placed on the alluring flakiness and softness of biscuit and egg, and I love their salty-crispy hashbrowns, and I love their professional smiling staff and Quicky-McQuickpants service. I also love that they serve fancy-schmancy coffee and luscious desserts at the "McCafe" in case the mouth orgasm one has received from the perfect regular breakfast food needs a sweetly charged encore.

My God, my mouth is happy.

They also serve their "to go" food in daintily (and appropriately) sized bags.

Which makes the rest of me happy.

(If you have to ask why, check
this out.)


Jess Riley said...

I'll have to do the assessment tonight. (It's not letting me do it right now for some reason.)

Don't you love it when a franchise does something that ruins all other franchise locations for you? This has happened sporadically for me in years past, notably with a chicken soft taco from a local Taco Bell in 1996.

Not so much lately, since I gave up eating things that could run away from me.

tiff said...

Hmm, if ya run into a problem with the insightful and scary workd thing tonight let me know...
Also - I just had TB for lunch. A 5-minute wait for 2 tacos. I think they had to go run down the cow or something. Maybe the veggie burrito would have been the more expeditious choice. :>

Erica said...

Just so you know - all of the 'evil' test things I responded on... NOT like any of them are bad, in my eyes, nor have you cornered the market on those traits :-)