Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dear Construction Men at the High School,


It's me, your neighbor across the street!

I say "neighbor," because even though y'all don't LIVE across the street from me, you've been over there for about 5 months now, in which time we could at least have met a few times.

Sadly, though, we have never met at all.

If we had met, I could tell you just how much I enjoy it when you start working at 5:30 a.m. with your banging and crashing and beeping and revving and digging and all those construction-y things you do so very, very, early in the morning. What a fabulous alarm clock! Really!

And if we had met, I could also tell you how much I enjoy it that you're doing those SAME things at night when I get home from work! Awesome! Amazing that you have the stamina to go back to work after the high schoolers are dismissed so that you can get some MORE work done on the mysterious and extremely slow-moving construction project on which you've been working so very diligently lo these many months! The engine noises and clouds of dust and jack-hammering make relaxing in the evenings so much easier because, once you're done, I really only have about an hour of my evening left before I go to bed, so I don't have to worry about how to fill all that extra relaxation time with, you know, actual relaxing.

So thanks for all that. You're great.

Quick question - When do you think you might be moving out? Now, I'm not saying that I WANT you to leave, I'm just curious so maybe the people on our street can throw you a little party once you go. I'm sure they're similarly attached to you and your industrious noises. Life will seem so, oh, I don't know, QUIET when you go. We'll maybe miss that. A little.


PS - your company by chance doesn't contact out the waste disposal activities at the school, do they? Because if they do, please be sure to give a hearty "hello" to the garbage-truck driver who does his exuberantly loud dumpster manipulations at 5:15 on Tuesdays and Fridays. Love that guy! I just wonder if he wouldn't mind coming over to my yard to pick up all the suff that blows out of his dumpsters and into my YARD??? Then we could say "hi" to each other in person! Wouldn't that be great?



3carnations said...

Hilarious! We are very close to a commercial area, too, so we get the dumpster sounds, only ours occur at 5:45AM and we are up by then anyway. There is going to be construction right by us this spring, but the noise aside, it is going to be wonderful for my son to be able to look out the window and see the construction vehicles that he is so enamored with.

tiff said...

3C - Oh, little boys and construction equipment are a match made in heaven. I suspect this is why "Bob the Builder" is so very huge.