Saturday, January 28, 2006

It's game time! (Interactive)

A smattering of entertainments for those of y'all who are looking for something amusing to do this weekend.

First, the double-plus goodness of grossness AND bizarreness, with a message that's more true than any smoker would like to admit:

Feed the dollies!

If you've got more of an Anita Blake bent to your energies, then take a goggle at this 'un:

Shoot the zombies!

If you want to be entertained in less time that it takes to reheat your coffee:

Watch the bunnies!

And if you just like fuzzy happy things that explode, well then this is your game:

Pop the fuzzballs!


You can thank me later.


rennratt said...

Thanks! I just spent 45 minutes playing the fuzz popping game!

Obviously, no cleaning will get done today...

tiff said...

Oh Honey! Love the Chuzzle! I downloaded the game for $20 and it's good for many many hours of fun, and you get prizes!