Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Delurk, y'all!

Well, now here's a game you ALL can play. It's National DeLurking Week!

Got the idea from
Bev and thought it would be fun to see what the response here would be. All y'all have to do is sign the ol' comments thingie and tell me if you have a blog or journal or whatever, and if you don't, that's OK too, just tell me how you got here. I KNOW there are some folks who are "out there" (in the very best of ways, mind you) that don't ever ring in with comments. I'm sure this is a failing on my part by not providing comment-able material, and for that I apologize most sincerely.

Here's an idea to fix that problem! You can even provide suggestions as to future entries! That's right - this could be like the Burger King of blogs - have it YOUR way! Make the monkey dance! Dangle the carrot in from of the ol' pony!

Once I pick your topic, I'll even put in a linky thing to whoever suggested the entry. Fame, dear reader, could be yours (if you consider fame as being something related to linkage from an obscure bloglet tucked safely off in the corner where it can't really hurt anybody).

It's easy to comment, really. If you're on Blogspot just pop in your info using the "blogger" button, if you're a blogger/journaler/serious as a heart attaack writer NOT on Blogspot merely type in your name and URL by using the "other" button, and if you'd prefer to remain anaymous (and thereby forego the linkafication previously mentioned) then use the "anonymous" button and pretend you're someone completely different. There you go! Your name (or not) up in lights and your ideas catalogued for future use! Simple!

With my thanks, in advance, for your enthusiastic participation, I remain
Yours Truly,


Bev Sykes said...

I'm the first barking monkey! Thanks for the link. I'll see if I can come up with a topic for you to explore, but I haven't had my morning coffee yet.

Wordnerd said...

Ok, you know me, and you know my page. What I want to know is this: how did you & Erica modify your little comments counter? You know, to "Helens" and "Barking Monkeys". Must. Have. The. Secret.

tiff said...

Wordner - answer sent by super-secret e-mail.

Erica said...


WordsRock said...

Well fine. I'll conform. Consider me officially delurked.

I'd like to know more about the origin of your propensity for apologizing for your occasional typographical and/or grammatical errors. Tee hee.


Waterhouse said...

I just found this blog, and even I'm doing it. I'm told all the cool kids are.

Am I popular now?

tiff said...

Waterhouse - you're beyond cool to me! Rock on! :>
Erica - trainin' them early, I see...

tiff said...

Oh, and WordsRock - it's the whole "writerly" thing (I'm no ee cummings), in part beaten into me by a very particular boss a few years ago and also in large part due to my desire to never be WRONG about anything. :>