Sunday, December 11, 2005

To a Wanderer (long time gone)

Written a long time ago. Had the dust blown off recently and is having a bit of an airing here.


Here's hoping that in whatever shape this finds you, you're doing fine
Here's to you and whatever you are, and to wherever your path takes you next
Here's to wishing I hadn't been such an ass and hadn't believed that whatever came to pass you'd always be able to be a friend and not run from the shadow of real life that tried to sew itself to your shoes.
But because I know you I am therefore not surprised by this turn of events.

Here's wishing that you haven't escaped the reality of the people who really love you, to whom you really mean something.
I know I'm nothing but a shadow easily disposed of, a bit of smoke and sweat, a momentary lapse.
If nothing more, that's fine.

But still, I wonder, to where will you run next?

I wonder, and hope that this time your path is straight and true and leads to the door of the place you'll finally call home.


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