Friday, December 30, 2005

Playing Tag

It's happened, y'all! I got tagged by mopeychick! Woo!


I'm still new at this and so am thrilled to be asked to join the team, as it were. Being as how I was never one of the first picked at ANYTHING as a youngster (just try my life sometime, it was awkward until I was 19), I'm glad to take a turn at this game of "tag," even through I hated tag as a kid because I wasn't fast or agile. See? Again with the tales of sad childhood.

Let's change lanes, shall we, and speed onward toward 5 things that are interesting about me that you don't know, in vivid color.

1) I have sung at the National Cathedral. I was in a quartet with some other kids from my church choir. The sound of our voices ringing around the enormous stone sanctuary gave me goosebumps, and still do if I think about it enough.

2) I was asked to join the tennis team in high school. I know, for someone who claims no physical skills whatsoever, it seems a bit odd. However, I liked playing tennis and filled many a summer vacation day with hitting the ol' ball over the net with my friend Dana Bosworth. The sheer amount of HOURS we played demanded we improve, and apparently it was enough so that in the tennis rotation in PE the coach spotted me and asked if I'd like to join. I said I was in marching band. Gah.

3) I was a lifeguard and pool operator during college. I ran a 1-guard operation at a swanky condo in Crystal City, and rode the Metro to get there. It was me in my sweats and sunscreen and all the government workers in their suits and ties on the train. I got such a horrific sunburn my first day out that I couldn't wear anything but my swimsuit for several days.

4) I know a couple of the guys in the Dave Matthews Band, from way back in college and after grad school. I hung out with Butch Taylor and Carter Beaufort when they were in "Secrets," a jazz fusion group that should, by it's own rights, be hugely popular. Dudes rocked serious axes. Also, got to know Tim Reynolds a little bit in my bar days; he and "TR3" played at the bar I worked in and did the Charlottesville circuit when I lived there, and I used to love going to see them. The bass player did a song called "Don't drink and drive" that was hip-hop before we knew what hip-hop was. No, I never met Dave himself, though I suspect I might have been in the same vicinity as him when I lived in C-ville.

5) I was a radio announcer in Florida. Or did I already mention this?

Well, there you go. 5 things about me that you might not have known. I'm not saying they're interesting, just that they are part of who I was, and consequently a piece of who I am today.

You know, now that I'm on a roll here I could throw a couple more things on the pile of "it's all about ME!" but will refrain. Except to say that I might be the only former drum and bugle corps member you know who also used to be a professional puppeteer.



trinamick said...

I am officially envious. I am a huge Dave Matthews Band fan. It's always cool to have gotten to see bands rock before they hit the big time.

tiff said...

It was quite the shock to me to see Butch up there on stage, and to realize I knew a few of those guys from back in the 80s! Sometimes it pays to be, uh, more "mature."

Sherri said...

It seems like you have already had a pretty interesting life.

I look forward to reading more.

Erica said...

Now, of course, you have played a very clever card by hooking us all back repeatedly to find out if you will EVER tell us about the professional puppeteering...

Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! We both got tagged by Mopey Chick and both posted our list...GREAT job!

Happy New Year!

DaveNC said...

Oh I almost hate to break it to you, Tiff, but you are not the only former drum and bugle corps member AND puppeteer. I marched as a Contra player in the California Freelancers in 1982 and served a stint as a marrionette and rod puppeteer with a pot smoking, Grateful Dead jamming troupe out on the road performing a stint of "Just Say No" shows for middle school aged kids in South Carolina. Just when you think your former life was really distinctive and singularly weird...

tiff said...

Shoot, ya'll, what am I going to do to set myself up as an original?
OK - I was a TENOR player and worked with handmade handpuppets. The tines of life are closely set, and it takes the hardiest of souls to distinguish themselves from the other sharp points in the drawer!
Have a great new year, see you on the third.

tiff said...

Wait, Dave - you're on the radio too? I'm officially looking over my shoulder, and simultaneously tuning in. :>

DaveNC said...

Yes, Tiff... the third bizarre parallel! I didn't want to mention that too because it was too coincidental! Sorry kiddo... but at least we don;t sell ladies shoes!