Friday, December 09, 2005

equal opportunity embarrassment

Because I am not afraid of embarrassing myself in more than one genre (prose being my usually chosen weapon), find below examples of my recent forays into poetry. See, I can dish this up here because most of y'all don't know what I look like, so cannot mock me to my face if ever we should meet. For those of you that DO know me, just be aware that I've probably got dirt on you that you wouldn't like me to talk about here, so be constructive if you can't be nice, 'kay?

'Kay. That's settled. Right, on with it, then.

First - one that still isn't quite right, even though I've meesed with it far too, it needs a title:

In the bedroom
Luscious form
Swell of hip
Naked arm
Tangled hair
Parted lips
Bathed in moonlight
In their rumpled bed
She is sleeping

In drowsy silence
Dream-lashed eyes open,
Slow and mossy-visioned
Pools of bayou heat
A soft smile
A sigh
A breath
A whisper
Takes him down to her and love

See? Something's just not "there" yet. Probably never will be. Oh well, suggestions are welcome. If I ever win a prize for this I'll split the check with you!

So, let's change topics to something more prosaic, in hopes that the commonplace will be more eloquently described:

Chasing Bunnies

Single shaft of early sun
Warms an old dog’s dreaming eye
Illuminating twitch and flutter
See him chase the bunnies

Soft whimpers of the hunt
Paws that flick and jiggle
Moist nose opens wide
As he chases bunnies

His body works in dreams so real
The way it did when he was young
Running through the fields of corn
Wildly chasing bunnies

Sigh and whimper
Pant and chase
Run and catch
The bunnies

Is cute, no? Well, I think so, and that's all that matters, really, because I'm done with this one, for better or worse.

Hmm, I had one more, but it's a smidge (read: REALLY) smutty and I'm not sure I'm ready to go there yet in a "public" forum. It was written as a challenge to work 10 random words into a story, and as a warm-up I dashed off a quick poem that turned out to be a little, er, spicier than I had intended it to be. Let's just say that if this whole career thing I've got going on right now fails at some point, I may have a promising career as a romance book author. Heaven help us all.

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