Monday, December 12, 2005

Eensy bit concerned


It's happened.

I think.

I'm stunned at the possibilities. The mind boggles. To wit -

- "Pinky and the Brain" in 3D!

- Jerry actually being able to USE his hands to heave a shovel at Tom!

- Legions of lower-level rodentia rising up against the overlords of mammalia by using logic and intellect (or maybe just a keen sense of fashion and an enormous entrant into the WWF follies. Or NASCAR.. In any case, we humans will succumb to their brash gall).

Be afraid.


Oh, but wait....all that stuff I just wrote?

It'll never happen.

In this lifetime.

But one day, Lovecraftian devotees everywhere, it might. And then, on that dread night, parents will have to tuck their enormous-eared, slightly fuzzy, preternaturally intelligent, sharp-visioned children into bed and tell them the truth.

"You were born a human. I'm so sorry. I did the best I could. The plastic surgery can take you no further. You're a gamma."


Thank God for soma.

And rain.

(Gosh - I sound like a luddite! I'm not. But I can see the day in the no-too-distant future in which any scientific advance, no matter how well-trenched in reason and aim, will be archly evaluated by politicoes and their cronies, possibly jeopardizing the forward progress of knowledge through knee-jerk evangelistic overreaction and withdrawal of gubbamint funding for fear of retaliation from a cadre of scary people who wield a big book and sound off from the pulpits of impossibly enormous religious organizations, like roach royalty riding the back of their minions.

It could happen.)


sky759 said...

oh my God...I think you're right.

tiff said...

My worst fear. And dag - I just posted this! Quick response time! :>

BloggerWannabe said...

Don't worry Honey, just feel his noodly appendage. Remember, Religion is the root of all evil. Spread the word - Think don't believe. Teach your children to forgive, yet pity those children being raised to squash their natural curiosity behind words written by ignorant old men with an agenda -

tiff said...

"think, don't believe."

My new mantra.