Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Allusions of naughtiness disguised as subdued excitement dripping with innuendo

And if THAT doesn't get you interested, nothing will. Really, you must be dead.

Guest title-ing by an old friend (you know who you are), and has nothing at all to do with this entry, because this isn't that kind of blog - we're keeping it clean for the kiddies here, y'all.

Up WAY too early this morning, and was surprised at how much I was able to get done before the ride to school/work. Amazing what 2 extra hours will do for ya, eh wot? Bills paid, field trip money doled out, musical instruments bargained for, papers discarded, dogs walked, children fed, me washed (AND styled) and we were still out the door minutes before we really needed to be. I feel like, well, I've actually accomplished something today, and am now promising to myself to do this every SINGLE day of the rest of my life, because it would be so MUCH better than living the way I do now, which resembles more of a scatter-shot flinging of epithets and adrenaline than a calm and orderly march toward daily responsibilities. This promise will last about as long as a bolt of lightning, but it makes me happy to think that I could, just maybe, get it together for 2 days in a row.

There are periods in which I can see the way my life could be if I just got my ACT together and focused on the here and now and the real and necessary, but I'm so very intrigued by the imagined life, the quest for a whole spirit, the plethora of time-wasting offerings on the web and the pull of conversation with other actual human beings that, all too frequently, I don't get things done when I should, or when more rational people would do them just to get them out of the way so they could go enjoy something else (whatever it might be) without the little niggly voice in their head saying "you don't deserve to do this (whatever it is) because you weren't proDUCtive enough toooodaaaaayyy!!" Couple this with the fact that I'm a world-class procrastinator (witness this blog), and you have the sure-fire recipe for a fine round of mind games.

But not today. Nope. Today I'm top of it all, in charge, juggling projects and answering e-mails and doing the telecon thang like a pro - making changes and flying by the (ample) seat of my pants. Must be the lima beans I ate last night super-charging my brain! Or chicken! But not candy! No! Candy is bad! Well, maybe just that one piece. But only one.

Or two. Need the energy to fuel this spanking new sense of resolve and fortitude what as I got brewing. But two is all.

Lastly, speaking of the accents thing (because we were, even if you didn't know it); I promise I'll get back to it. Let's just call this current-day stream-of-consciousness blogging "accent ultimate" and let it go at that, 'kay? All entries that have a historic bent to them will contain a numerical accent indicator so y'all will know I'm talking about something in my deeeep, daaaark, paaaaaaaast.

That is all.

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